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A C Ford (also known as Fordac)

Atlas (later Thorn)

Brighton Lighting and Electrical Engineering Co Ltd (BLEECO)

  • BLEECO 'Hastings' 125w MBF open reflector (geared) lantern
  • BLEECO 'Sunstar' 80/125w MBF enclosed lantern

 British Thomson Houston (later part of AEI)

  • BTH Rural Enclosed 80/125w MBF lantern
  • BTH Rural Open lantern for 80w/125w MBFlamps


  • Eleco HW851 'Welwyn' 80/125w MBF open refractor lantern
  • Eleco HW852 'Ware' 80/125w MBF lantern
  • Eleco HW853 'Baldock' 80/125w MBF lantern
  • Eleco HW896 80/125w MBF post-top lantern



Metropolitan-Vickers (later part of AEI)

  • Metro-Vick PT16 80/125-watt MBF Post-top lantern

REVO / Relite / Simplex

Thorn Lighting Ltd (later Thorn-EMI)




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