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In these pages you'll find a selection of photographs of various types of streetlighting pictured in situ. The majority of the images are taken in and around the West and East Midlands Regions of the UK, mainly because that's where I've lived all my life. One of the first pictures I took of a streetlight was in 1979, when the local streetlighting department turned up outside our house to remove a column that had been damaged in a road traffic accident. In more recent times I've taken quite a few pictures, as I began to notice the demise of older streetlighting columns and lanterns from our towns and cities. Originally these pictures were taken on colour slide film, but in the last couple of years I've started to use a digital camera. It is the pictures from the digital camera that have been used to construct my website, but I hope to eventually scan in some of the colour slides and show them on the website in due course.  

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Streetlighting on a trafficless road in the 1950's


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