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Streetlighting websites in the UK


Andrew Pate invites to see his collection of lanterns, which in the main originated from in and around Cumbria in North West England. 


Plastic Planet Street Lighting Pages


Andrew Stanley is another streetlighting collector and has an extensive collection of modern illuminaires. His website also includes photographs of streetlighting installations in Britain, Europe, and America.


Collection Street Lighting


Bob Cookson is a long-established collector of streetlighting and has amassed an incredible collection of lanterns and streetlighting apparatus spanning the last 100 years. A large slice of Bob's collection is illustrated on his website, along with a history of Eastbourne's streetlighting.


Eastbourne's Streetlighting


Brian Randall's website looks at Bedfordfordshire's street lighting. Bedford itself,  boasts some of the oldest electric street lighting in the UK, so well worth a visit.


Bedfordshire Streetlighting


Colin Grimes's extensive collection of streetlighting lanterns and specialist lamps are shown to good effect on this regularly updated website.


The Colin Grimes Collection

Davy Warren's regularly updated site not only details his growing collection of lanterns, but is well illustrated with good clear photographs of streetlighting in South West England and much more. 


Plymouth and South Devon Streetlighting

James Hooker's incredible, and fully illustrated website on all there is to know about the history of discharge lamps and how discharge lighting works. An absolute must see site. 



Jon Salmon's website has lots of close-up shots of some very rare and unusual lanterns. Sadly, this site has not been updated for sometime.


No longer available

Matthew Eagles website provides an in-depth look at SOX low-pressure sodium discharge lamps and explains how they work. The site includes a quick reference guide to SOX lantern types from manufacturers past and present. 



Mike Barford documents his extensive collection of streetlighting lanterns and the restoration work undertaken to renovate them. There's also lots of technical information, as well as pictures of many old and new installations in the County of Derbyshire.  


English Street lighting


Nick Smith's Website looks at streetlighting in and around Northamptonshire, using both current and vintage pictures.


Northamptonshire streetlighting

Russell Oakes' street lighing site includes an extensive gallery of streetlighting installations in the North West of England, including Cheshire, Cumbria, Merseyside, Lancashire, and Manchester.


Northwest Streetlighting

Scot Bearford has some excellent pictures of old and interesting streetlighting in South East England; including the manufacture and model identification of different types of concrete columns used for lighting purposes.


Scot's Streetlighting Pics

Simon Brown's website looks at streetl ighting in and around Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire and Wiltshire, in what was once Wessex. Simon also has a nice collection of street lighting, but unfortunately, this is not shown.


Wessex Street Lighting

Simon Cornwell has an extensive collection of old streetlighting lanterns and brackets. His website is also an encyclopedia on almost everything you could ever want to know about British streetlighting manufacturers and the products of the past. 


Street Lighting UK


SotonSteve, documents lighting installations in and around Hampshire and West Sussex in a series of photographs, prior to the PFI renwal scheme planned for these counties from April 2010.


Southampton City (unitary in Hampshire) Street Lighting
Tim Luckett Tim has been taking streetlighting photographs for many years, and has fortunately captured on camera some very rare and unusual lanterns in situ, many of which have long since gone. 


Streetlighting GB



 European based streetlighting websites


Aubin Ribeyron is a French based enthusiast whose streetlighting website details the history of streetlighting in France and looks at some of the historical remnants of ancient installations, as well as documenting current French streetlighting installations.


L'Eclairage Public en France

Sander Sloots is a Netherlands based enthusiast who has an extensive lantern collection and an in-depth knowledge of streetlighting in the Netherlands. This is shown to good effect in his excellent website, which is well worth visiting.




Stefan Lösche’s street lighting site is dedicated to street lighting in Eastern Germany and Eastern Europe. Also includes Stefan’s collection of street lighting lanterns.





Manufacturers websites


A C Ford (Dudley)Ltd, Churchfield Street, Dudley, West Midlands. DY1 8QX. Manufacturers of high qualitity traditional street lighting brackets, fixtures, and lanterns.


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