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I don't especially collect lamps (bulbs), but inevitably I have built up a small collection of lamps associated with streetlighting and these are intended for eventual display with the lanterns in the collection.


When acquiring lanterns, itís always nice to be able to get the lantern complete with its lamp. However, for Heath and Safety reasons, local authorities and lighting contractors will often remove discharge lamps from the lanterns as part of the disposal and recycling process. This is generally done because discharge lamps contain poisonous, corrosive, and sometimes explosive, gases. Therefore, I often have to acquire lamps from other sources such as ebay, electrical wholesalers, and other streetlighting collectors.


The lamps illustrated are typical of many of the types of lamps used in both old and modern streetlighting; plus a few oddments that fall outside of this scope. I have placed small everyday items such as pens, keys, and mobile phones by some of the lamps to give an idea of scale.


If you want to know how discharge lamps work, or seek technical information on discharge lamps, then there is no better website to visit than James Hooker's, Museum of Historic Discharge Lamps, which can be found here.


Lamp types held in the collection (Awaiting images for some lamps)


Tungsten Lamps. GLS

Mercury Vapour Lamps. MA MB MBF

Mercury blended Lamps. MBFT

Low Pressure Sodium Lamps. SO SOI SOX SLI

High Pressure Sodium Lamps. SON-E SON-T

Metal Halide Lamps MH

Fluorescent tubes. MCF

Compact Fluorescent. CFL


Tungsten Lamps (GLS)


300w Thorn GLS clear glass lamp with 27ES cap




 500w Narwar GLS clear glass lamp with ES40 cap




Mercury Vapour Lamps MA. MB. MBF


EYE 40w HF40PD mercury lamp



awaiting image

50w GE MBF/U Lamp


80w Osram HQL (MBF/U) lamp for 3-pin bayonet lampholders



awaiting image

125w Thorn MBF/U Lamp



awaiting image

250w GEC 'Truelite' MBF ES40 Lamp



250w Crompton MA/V (medium pressure) mercury lamp for vertical burning.



400w Thorn MB/U tubed mercury Lamp ES40 cap



awaiting image

400w Mazda MB/U Lamp ES40 cap



awaiting image

400w Atlas MB/U Lamp ES40 cap



400w Philips 'Powerwhite' MBF/U lamp with ES40 cap from the 1970's



1000w GEC 'Truelite' MBF/U (400/450V) lamp with E40 cap from the 1970's



1000w Osram HQL MBF-U Lamp



Mercury blended Lamps. MBFT MBT


160w Osram MBTF blended lamp ES27 cap



500w Wellmark mercury-halogen blended clear lamp ES40 cap



500w Pallas mercury-blended clear glass lamp ES40 cap



Low Pressure Sodium Lamps SO, SOI, SOX, SLI


awaiting image

10watt GEC SOX Lamp



18watt Philips SOX-E Lamp



awaiting image

26watt Philips SOX-E Lamp



awaiting image

35watt Philips SOX Lamp



40watt (pre re-rated) Philips SOX Lamp with porcelain BC cap


awaiting image

55watt Philips SOX Lamp



60watt Philips SO/H Lamp This lamp was rescued from a garage in North Yorkshire.

The lamp is a working example and was housed in an old Eleco sodium lantern

mounted on the side of the building.



60watt GEC SLI/H Linear Lamp



90watt Osram SOX Lamp burning at full power in a Thorn Alpha-9 lantern



awaiting image

135watt Philips SOX Lamp



awaiting image

140watt Thorn SLI/H Linear Lamp



180watt Philips SOX Lamp



awaiting image

200watt GEC SLI/H Linear Lamp



High Pressure Sodium Lamps. SON-E SON-T



awaiting image

50w GE SON-E ES27 lamp



70w GE SON-T lamp



awaiting image

100w GE SON-T



120w GEC 'Solarcolour' SON-E lamp



awaiting image

150w GE SON-T



awaiting image

250w GE SON-T


400w GE LU400/T/40 SON-T ES40 lamp



400w Sylvania SON-E lamp



awaiting image

400w GE SON-E



Metal Halide Lamps (MH)


awaiting image

35w Philips CDM-T G12 lamp



awaiting image

70w Philips CDM-T G12 lamp



Lamp on right: 150w Philips CDM-TT ES40 lamp



Lamp on left: 250w Osram HQI/T 250 ES40 lamp



awaiting image

400w Osram HQI/T ES40 lamp



1000w Sylvania 'Metalarc' HSI/T lamp ES40 cap



awaiting image

2000w Osram Metal Halide lamp



Fluorescent tubes (MCF and 'T' types)



awaiting image

2ft 40w MCF Fluorescent linear lamp



awaiting image

4ft 40w T8 Fluorescent linear lamp



Compact Fluorescent (CFL)



awaiting image

36w Philips PL-L compact fluorescent lamp



Philips PL-L 840/4P 55w compact fluorescent lamp with 2G11 4-pin base. 



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