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Older streetlighting often had some beautifully ornate brackets to suspend the lanterns from. Sadly there are very few  left in evidence these days, and most of those that remain will no doubt eventually find their way into the lighting contractors skips as scrap metal.

In collecting streetlighting apparatus I have been lucky enough to save a few interesting (and some not so interesting!) brackets; most of them destined for the scrap pile, but instead are now saved for posterity.

Brackets and columns in  the collection

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A C Ford

  • A C Ford swanneck none-decorative AC58/4 swanneck bracket with AC288 cast aluminium control box. ex Wolverhampton Corporation S.L.D.
  • AC Ford Type No17 straight bracket for wall mounting with stay-bar support. This bracket has a 6ft projection and is for use with top-entry lanterns. New and unused from A C Ford factory.
  • AC Ford AC58/4 swanneck bracket with decorative top finial, with AC174 cast-aluminium control box. New and unused from A C Ford factory.


  • BLEECO swanneck bracket with scroll work. ex Sutton Council, London.


  • ESLA 1504 arched wood pole mounted bracket
  • ESLA (unknown serial No) swanneck bracket with ESLA cast iron control box


  • GEC Z2300 Straight armed wood pole mounted 48" bracket with support bar
  • GEC Z2409 Straight armed wall mounted 30" bracket without support bar


  • REVO B19 'Wolverhampton' swanneck bracket with spigot cap mounting.
  • REVO 'Cannock' bracket originally designed by Lighting Engineer Mr. Croft of CUDC for use in Cannock, Staffs. Spigot cap mounting.
  • REVO out-reach bracket for column top mounting on REVO Monarch' columns. This bracket is designed for use with side-entry lanterns
  • REVO A09.483 'seven shaped' bracket for side-entry mounted lanterns (ex Birmingham City Council).
  • REVO 'Braunton' arched  bracket for wood pole mounting with scroll work and fuse box. Projection from pole dimension is 20".
  • REVO B27 half-circle arched bracket for wood pole mounting with fuse box. Projection from pole dimension is 21".


  • Stanton swanneck for S7 concrete columns. This bracket is for use with top-entry mounted lanterns.

AC Ford bracket and control box from the 1950's



If you want more information on brackets, there are other websites that have further information; please click here to go to my links page.


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