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  • Chalmit-Davies GR70 70w SON Lantern
  • Chalmit-Davies GR70 Starline 100w SON Lantern Departed Collection in 2010


  • GEC Z8832/70 70-watt SON Lantern


  • Philips SGS-101 70w 'Streetfighter' lantern
  • Philips SGS-102 250w 'Streetfighter' lantern
  • Philips SGS-201 70w lantern
  • Philips SGS-203 150w lantern
  • Philips SGS-204 250w cut-off lantern
  • Philips SGS-252 70w Iridium lantern
  • Philips SGS-253 100w Iridium lantern



Simplex Lighting

 Thorn, Thorn-EMI


  • ZX1 70w prismatic and clear bowled Lanterns
  • ZX2 150w standard-bowled and Flat-lens Lanterns
  • ZX3 250w flat-lens and deep-bowled Lanterns
  • Sapphire-2 150w lantern

Whitecroft Road and Tunnel Lighting

  • MRL6 (ex GEC Z8600) 150w SON lantern
  • SRL8 (ex GEC Z8832/70) 70w SON lantern
  • Industria 2600 SON 70w lantern
  • Vectra-1 70w SON lantern
  • Vectra-2 150w SON lantern
  • Vectra-3 250w SON lantern
  • Arc-80 70w and 100w SON lanterns





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