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 AC Ford


 Atlas, Thorn Lighting, Thorn-EMI





  • GEC Z8830/35 lantern for 35w Super-SOX lamps
  • GEC Z9454 90w SOX lantern
  • GEC Z9451 90w SOX top-entry lantern
  • GEC Z9462 90w SOX lantern
  • GEC Z9480/Z9481 60w SO lanterns
  • GEC Z9484 55w SOX lantern
  • GEC Z9530 35w SOX lantern
  • GEC Z9536 55w SOX 'geared' lantern
  • GEC Z9538M 'Nightwatch' 55-watt SOX lantern
  • GEC Z9554 135w SOX lantern
  • GEC Z9554M 135w SOX lantern
  • GEC Z9564 180w SOX 'motorway' lantern
  • GEC Z9565 180w SOX (cut-off) 'motorway' lantern
  • GEC Z9582 35w (geared) SOX lantern


Metropolitan Vickers



  • Philips MA6C 180-watt SOX lantern
  • Philips MA90-OO 90-watt SOX lantern
  • Philips MA90-GO 90-watt SOX lantern
  • Philips MA50-OO 135-watt SOX lantern
  • Philips MA60-OO/GO 180-watt SOX lanterns
  • Philips MI-26 35-watt (geared) lantern
  • Philips MI-51-GT 18-watt SOX-E (geared) lantern
  • Philips MI-36 55-watt SOX (geared) lantern
  • SRS201-90 90w SOX (geared) lantern
  • SRS201-135 135w SOX (geared) lantern
  • Philips XGS103 35w SOX (HF-geared) lantern
  • Philips XGS104 55w SOX (geared) lantern



REVO/Relite/TI Simplex Lighting

WRTL (Whitecroft Road and Tunnel Lighting) includes ex GEC/Siemens products

  • MRL90 (ex GEC Z9454) 90w SOX lantern
  • MRL90 (ex GEC Z9464) geared 90w SOX lantern
  • MRL135 (ex GEC Z9554M) 135w SOX lantern




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