Siemens Brothers, Siemens-Ediswan

Siemens Brothers 'Crawley' lantern

Intact and covered in cobwebs, this Siemens Brothers 'Crawley' lantern for MCF 2ft tubes is an amazing survivor from the 1950's. I came across this example in Birmingham a few  years ago.



Siemens Brothers 'Carpenter' lantern

Siemens 'Carpenter' lantern for 3ft MCF tubes; this intact survivor was photographed in Nottinghamshire.



Siemens/Ediswan 'Court' lantern

1. Siemens Court lantern for 4ft MCF tubes. This lantern was one of seven Siemens Court lanterns that once stood on the ground of the Cattle Market at Shrewsbury. Fortunately, all seven lanterns ended up with collectors, including myself.



2. These two Siemens 'Court' lanterns still existed in a private access road at Shrewsbury in October 2006.



3. Close up photo of one of these superb lanterns.



Siemens/Ediswan 'Kuwait' lantern

At over 7ft in length, the Siemens Kuwait lantern was the largest single MCF fitting made by Siemens - although there was the 'Coventry', which was two Kuwaits joined back to back! Now disused, this amazing survivor dates from a time before the Beatles got together and still stands intact in Nottinghamshire.



Front view of the Siemens Kuwait lantern.



Ediswan SSA/1 85w/140w SO/H lantern.

An incredible survivor from the 1950's is this Ediswan SSA/1 lantern for 85w/140w SO lamps. The lantern, which appears complete and undamaged, resides in Nottinghamshire and was photographed in the summer of 2006.



Access to the interior of the SSA/1 is made by releasing a screw at the front of the lantern, which releases the Perspex bowl, allowing it to slide forward for maintenance. My thanks to Simon Cornwall for identifying this lantern.



Siemens Ediswan 'Orson' Lantern

A damaged Siemens Ediswan 'Orson' Lantern, situated on the side of an old factory in Nottinghamshire; Thanks to Simon Brown for identifying the type.

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